Built with purpose, precision & passion

Built with purpose, precision & passion

Built with purpose, precision & passion

Manor Property Group sets new standards in ultra-luxury commercial, residential and industrial property development.

Our purpose is to connect lifestyle through property. Our team is made up of talented builders, business-minded entrepreneurs, creatives, designers, and likable personalities. Each member of our team has a specific and vital role to play and is eminently qualified to service all of your property development needs.

Our developments are in prime locations, inspired by world class trends that elevate the future of everyday living.
















A sense of luxury & finesse

A sense of luxury & finesse

Our end-to-end property development services create a synergized approach and that includes everything from market research, site acquisition, finance and cost estimation, to appraisal, architecture and design, town planning, construction and marketing.

We specialize in identifying gaps and opportunities in the property market using data and insights to forward plan the property market up to 10 years in advance. We secure the property location, design high-end plans and develop properties to fulfill the supply curves.

A sense of luxury & finesse

Detail and precision

Detail and precision

Detail and precision

Considered, quality craftmanship and meticulous attention to detail. We are dedicated to delivering the best in concept, functionality and service and are recognised for our quality finishes and have gained a reputation for excellence.

Our one-of-a-kind buildings exude luxury, quality and craftmanship, in carefully selected, sought-after locations. Inspired by lifestyle and incorporating high-end finishes, our developments connect communities for both work and life.

Our team are focussed on delivering high standard workmanship that aligns with our values and ultimately what we set out to achieve from the beginning of every project.

Our Values

  • Reliability

    Each site location is considered and consistently delivered on time, exceeding industry norms.

  • Certainty

    No matter the challenge, we stay in contact, we successfully manage and we keep within your budget — always.

  • Rapport

    Reliability and responsiveness is in all that we do and always with your best interests at the core of what we do.

  • Passion

    We devote the same high levels of time, energy and commitment to each and every client.

Collaborators & partnerships

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Digcap connects investors, lenders and borrowers with exclusive investment opportunities. They operate to support the mutual interests of the borrower, lender and investor alike, providing results driven capital solutions.

COI Capital Management is a boutique funds management business with a focus on Commercial Real Estate Debt (CRED) and Equity, formed to build a purposeful fund for borrowers and investors alike.